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Hi, this is last experiment on brushless motor ..  I think this as  a didactic motor  because the magnets surface are so small that it have little torque force, but you can scale up  for use  magnets more big. Here more details and image

UPDATE 17/03:  Add new design with new distance poles, it works best than previous version. Add also printable base with M5 hole to test before made the metal version, New file have tag -d8- into name.

here video of build 

here video of preview and first test before I made a serious coils :)

  update 25/03/2017 here video of how to make the coils in easy way

I with this design I think to open a OpenBrushless Project. You can find a GooglePlus community here

The community is open for all people that want try it and share own experience or share own personal brushless design or ideas


If you think to buy from Gearbest and want support me, use my affiliate link, thanks

If you want to make a donation, you can use thingiverse tip, thanks

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