Barbell Nut & Bolt

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I found that my old Wieder weight set had broken nuts/bolts that hold the weights on the bars. This is a replacement.

You can print without supports but it looks better with them. The nut part should be at least 20% infill with 3 outer layers, 7 top/bottom layers, while the bolt should be solid. I printed one in PETG which is the strongest but I also used ABS. If the bolt isn't solid it will snap with any sideways force. 100% infill for the bolt.

ABS doesn't supply much friction on the steel bar but it does hold. If it doesn't you could use a bit of tape on the bar and then slip the bolt on the bar and tighten it down.

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barbell bolt-v3.stl
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barbell nut v5 fixed.stl
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