The Giant and the goats


Background history

They call it a tree-breaker.

It is said that for centuries these creatures walk in the forests of the Ancient Earth. Its goals are not clear, its location is unknown. Their language, despite the grunts, somehow remind us of our own language.

In rare encounters with humans, these creatures seems to ignore our presence, as if they made clear our insignificance . However , the elders tell of bloody clashes between these creatures and humans, in the time where the drought devastated all the lands, and the difficulty in finding animals to feed themselves ended up putting us on their menu.

The elders tell us that at that ancient time, we learned from an very early age, even before learning how to handle the bow and arrow, that the best thing to do when listening to the sound of falling trees and birds fleeing in flight was to look for the best possible hiding place and wait, just wait.


The model contains 5 parts (Torso, Legs/Base, Right Arm, Left Arm and the tip of his weapon) and is very simple and direct to assemble (no instructions required here)

Design Files

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