Regio R-Series "FROMM" probe


The Regio R-Series FROMM (Fabrication, Research, Observation, Machining, Multimedia) "Tower" model is a modular, customizable laborobot capable of autonomous or manual operation in a variety of fields, including construction, mining, deep sea exploration, home security, child-rearing, and combat. Our tried and tested GravDisc technology allows for total mastery of any and all terrain types. The interchangeable arms are open source to suit your needs on your terms. Machine vision can be set to a wide variety of spectrums and capture methods from Baird's roving raster dot to full 4K 60p digital video. 

Ask about our EMP shielding. 

Collect Them All: http://neuronplectrum.devianta... 

Design Files

File Size
692 KB
486 Bytes
FROMM Batch.stl
1.05 MB
FROMM Arm2.stl
35 KB
FROMM Arm1.stl
29.4 KB
FROMM Antennae.stl
225 KB
FROMM Sensors.stl
111 KB
FROMM Eye.stl
142 KB
FROMM Backpack.stl
94.8 KB
FROMM Gravdisc.stl
42.9 KB
FROMM Neck.stl
22.9 KB
FROMM Base.stl
239 KB
FROMM Head.stl
153 KB


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