Galaxy S4 / iPhone 5 Phone car dock.


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Summary Simple dock that does not require permanent mounting. I designed this so it could be friction retained between a console and its cover. It works perfectly in my Corvette, it may work in other cars as well if you have a center console with a latching cover. Print the retainer plug if you have an Android phone with the Micro USB connector. Route the wire through the slot and push the plug with the seated micro USB plug in to the dock for a firm fit. This will retain the male end at the bottom of the dock. If you have an iPhone with the 30 pin plug, it does not need the retainer plug. I have not designed a retainer plug for iPhone 5 and newer. I'll create one if anyone needs it.

Instructions Print with 25% infill. If your printer is well tuned and can do bridges then it does not need support. If not print with support for the cutout in the back.

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