Making a hybrid does not always end well, especially with species so different.

Can you figure out which animals I'm talking about? Like a great philosopher once said, “Life finds a way.” and in this case Nature strikes back. 

His name is Goat Face.  Abandoned by his parents, he grew up with great anger for them and their respective species...and they became his main source of food. 

The idea of this figure is print it in 1/6 scale, making the figure about 300 mm height.  To add more detail and realism to Goat Face, he could be finished with synthetic/real fur and fabric such as leather etc. Goat Face is sculpted with a dense texture which should minimise surface clean up and finishing.

Print between 0.2 - 0.1 microns. 

20% infill with a raft or brim. 

glue the parts with acetone. 

Print in filament ABS natural to facilitate light scattering of the skin 

Design Files

File Size

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11 MB
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body l2.stl
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