Molly the Punk


Molly is a street gangsta who lives in dystopian urban environment. Details on the pedestal of the model were added to give to her a bit more context and story to the character. Piercings, scars and the outfit in general reflect her background as well as the dangerous/underground-ish life she lives.  I mostly do realistic character but this time I wanted to keep a more cartoonish but still dark look to the model. Let's say I wanted to experiment something different on the occasion of this contest. I've managed to print the model with a transparent acrylic polymer material. I gave then a black layer of acrylic colors and surprisingly it kept most of the details, even the tiny piercings on the nose and lower lip. Should work with an acrylate plastic very well too. High-def materials are recommended to print this model.  Model is a single piece, 75 mm of height x 40 mm x 60 mm.

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