Knob with Cap Screw for music stand

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Summary Several Music stands at church had stripped out threads and the bolts could not be replaced without destroying the knob. As you can see I have made this one with a replaceable cap crew in it. I have included Home Depot part numbers If you cant see pictures then: Everbilt Cap screw M6-1.0 x 50mm no. 887480015188 Everbilt Hex Nut M6-1.0 only needed if original nut is stripped too. no. 887480037586 I finished the build by using a 15/64 drill bit on the hole and a wood chisel on the hex head. I wanted it tight so made it slightly smaller. This was designed in AutoDesk 123D Design B-) Print Settings Printer: Dremel 3D20 Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: .2 Infill: 20

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