Darkgem Forcepower - Kid's drawing to 3D mini

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My son designed this character, and I brought it to 3D for him. His name is Forcepower. According to my son:

"There is another character, his name is Legend, and so this guy used to be his student. But then he became corupted by a cryst.. by a meteor that hit him which ripped his shirt and kinda ripped his skin and replaced his heart with a gem and that kinda mutated his arm. And so now he part crystal, part demon, and part human, so 1/3rd of each. And so he started learning some abilities with his crystal arm and started throwing crystals at people and started making minions, made an army and became one of the... a person on the bad guy side." Later he tole me that Forcepower's human side is constantly in conflict with his demon side, so while on the outside he's fighting everyone, inside he's at war, too.


I posed this model to print with minimal supports and might even print without supports on a perfectly calibrated machine with PLA and strong cooling. 

Scale the STL up to the desired scale (at minimum 150% is recommended. For detail 300$ with FFF, though higher details may be achieved at lower sizes with different processes.)

Recommended print settings: Print in PLA with a fan and no supports or raft at fine layer settings (>=0.1mm layers). 

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