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story :

Just before the sunset and the dark set in, , in the middle of some wood , a group of teenage boys saw  strange marks on the trees .The boys decided to follow the  marks  gathering more people along the way.When they all arrived at the site, they  encountered a spooky and nauseating mist, and heard strange inhuman hissing like sounds.When a member of the group turned a flashlight in the direction of the sound, the beam fell on a pair of shining  yellow eyes, it also revealed a huge monster reptile   like creature.The creature, which seemed to be over six feet tall, moved towards the group. The next day investigators discovered a  small reptiles facility  , everything destroy  a big cage ripped wide open ....... later on they found out the people been experimenting with the reptiles ...

 The newspapers quickly dubbed “The  Atlas  Creature sighting "......

Printer :

I found a small 3d printing company name Cokreeate  in Alhambra  to print out  the monster creature

printed in 86enjoy

200micro. 10% infil

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