alzheimer's (dementia) bird feeder


Summary 1 year ago my farther died from Alzheimers (dementia) but one thing that he did like to do was sit and watch the birds... so... print one out for yourselves but also print out a second one for someone with Alzheimers or take one to a care home or nursing home so others can enjoy. im not the best at designing and drawing but its functional and it prints. i printed at a layer height of .3 and an infill of 20% .. took about 5 hours but for a better finish print at a lower layer height. just fill from the base then screw on the cap and flip it over quickly.. there is also a base that can be screwed to the bottom so it can sit on tables or on the floor. if everyone just printed out one and took it to a care home it will make someone happy and prove to people that 3d printing can be used for something good. Thank you

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