Light Up Christmas Decorations - Snowman and Tree


Summary LEDs are awesome, 3D printers are awesome, what could be better than a combination of the two! Print these hollow and put an LED tealight inside for a bright, festive decoration. Print any colour you want. I made a Destiny Ghost model (linked as a remix), and had to buy the LED tealights, however since they came as a pack of 20 and I only needed 1 I had a lot spare! You can find a link to buy the LED lights from ebay on the Destiny Ghost page, but I bought mine from Amazon: Print Settings Printer: Mini Kossel Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: No Resolution: 0.2mm Infill: 0% Notes: Print with 2 perimeters and 0% infill. You can try printing with a single perimeter and spiral vase mode, but I had better luck with 2 perimeters. If you do make it work, please let me know! You can use any layer height, but it is important to use 0% infill to make the light show through properly.

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