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This is my first uploaded design.

I'm an engineering student currently working and always love playing around with my Lulzbot Mini 3D printer, although sometimes not always big enough.. One day I noticed that my desk drawer had become quite a mess of loose cables! Being that I'm too lazy to wrap up my cables in any capacity, I decided to design something that makes my life easier!

This cable holder can house most common USB cables, such as your iPhone, iPod and iPad USB cables. To ensure long life of your cables, always start a wrap on the inside and end it without too much bend.

The full size print is 172x137mm - Which may be too big for the smaller printers like me. The half size print is 100x50mm - Should be small enough to fit most hobby printers

The adhesion method I used was a simple double sided tape. I had thought maybe countersunk center holes would be cool, but nobody likes filling holes after the fact.. But let me know if you would like that and I can do up one with a standard wood screw.

Print settings:

0.16 layer height - I like to have fine detail but feel free to bump this up to 0.22mm 1mm shell 50% infill - seems to work best

I'm using a Lulzbot Mini: 0.25mm nozzle ABS (3mm Red) 250C End – 75C Bed with PET Tape

Feedback is always appreciated!

Cheers, Adam


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