Faux Gatro/Croc skin Clutch Bag

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-Intended to be used with flexible filament-

Some of might not know but I used to work for a big animal shelter here in new york city and have always been a voice for the animals (sounds corny but true). 

So due to a post yesterday from 2 awesome ladies on twitter (Lauren & Heather) I decided to design  this #NoKillNeeded Gator/Croc clutch bag. Ladies thanks for the idea and i hope you 2 are happy with the design.  

This is meant to be printed with flexible filament so that yo can squeeze open and close the bag to add and remove items. 

Come and help support the #NoKillNeeded movement. Help our animals stay on earth  a little longer.

My Twitter- https://twitter.com/carmelo_nazario

Check out these 2 awesome ladies pages for some cool posts.

Heather- Mama Of #3dpinkmafia - https://twitter.com/ddhedder

Lauren- awesome designer- https://twitter.com/AbuzzDesigns

(Size the bag to your liking)

Kiss a cute animal today

IF YOU PRINT post and message ME ON TWITTER WWW.twitter.com/TheCreatorx3D

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