Russian Heavy Mech "Toad" (Zhaba)

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Russian-made heavy walking platform: The Toad (russian translation: Zhaba). It's rigged with reflective armor, radar, mine detector, one heavy main cannon (located on the upper turret), two high caliber machineguns (on sides), one machinegun on the bottom turret (to deal with infantry and light armored vehicles), nightvision, smoke screen launchers and the IR pointers to mark targets for the airforce and artillery. Additionally, shooter can launch 3 types of special projectiles: tear gas projectile (handy during fights in urban environment to flush out enemy troops from nearby buildings), acid projectile (to destroy railways, pipelines and bridges from short range) and napalm projectile, all sealed in air-tight containers to prevent self damage during hit. Needs two man crew to operate: driver, who drives the platform and also operates bottom turret and shooter, who operates main cannon and HMGs. There are also small explosive charges placed in the bottom parts of both hulls. Said charges can be detonated by the crew. Thanks to this, the bottom walls will fall off letting crewmembers to quick evacuation. Detonaitions also trigger airbridges so crew can safety reach the ground, even if Toad is in standing position. Unique design of legs and feet let the Toad to move through heavy snow or ice with ease. 

High-detail model in parts to assembly (some glue will come in handy), ready for 3D printing (chcecked with third party software).

If You want Your national mech design feel free to contact me! My head is breaking from ideas!


Height: 3,9 in (99 mm)

Width: 4.25 in (108 mm)

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