Lego Track, Curve and Straight in various sizes.


Lego Track, Curve and Straight in various sizes.  Curves in smaller radius are 22,5 Degree. Curves in larger radius are in 15 degree. Straight track is in length of full length 16 studs 128 mm and then half, half and half. 8, 4 and 2 Studs. 

Design Files

File Size

curve 15dg R512 mm 64 Studs.stl
569 KB
curve 15dg R576 mm 72 Studs.stl
571 KB
curve 22,5dg R256 mm 32 Studs.stl
570 KB
curve 22,5dg R320 mm normal 40 Studs.stl
578 KB
curve 22,5dg R384 mm 48 Studs.stl
584 KB
curve 22,5dg R448 mm 56 Studs.stl
590 KB
curve 22,5dg R512 mm 64 Studs.stl
601 KB
Straight L 16mm 2 Studs.stl
781 KB
Straight L 32mm 4 Studs.stl
545 KB
Straight L 64mm 8 Studs.stl
541 KB
Straight L 128mm 16 Studs.stl
568 KB


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