Scrap Metal figure base {Pack}

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***Updated 4/26/2017

This pack now includes 4 Scrap metal figure bases.    

Painted examples coming soon.

If you purchased this in the past, you should be able to come back and re-download the additional updates at no extra charge! 


  • Scrap Metal Figure base Rev 1
  • Scrap Metal Figure base Rev 2
  • Scrap Metal Figure base Rev 3
  • Scrap Metal Figure base Rev 4

Scrap metal figure bases for D&D style characters and miniatures.  These bases have the Warhammer 40k style sides.  Great for your goblin army.    See more figure bases created and imagined on my stream Tuesday and Thursday Evenings! Drop a line in the comments if you would like to subscribe now and see more scrap metal bases.

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