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This 3D-printable bowl is perfect for candy and other goodies. Use it to serve your guest on a movie night and also show off your favourite hobby and 3D-printing skills!

We designed the bowl specifically for testing 3D-prints with large-bore nozzles. In this image we show the result of a 1.0 mm nozzle 3D-print at 0.8 mm layer height.

Even though it is possible to print this bowl at higher speeds, we kept it down to achieve a high-gloss shiny surface. The bowl is 136 mm wide and 60 mm tall. At around 20-30 mm/s it took less than two hours to print.

The bowl has a simple and decorative shape which makes it easy to print. To get rid of the layer-change zipper-line we used vase-mode in our print settings.

To make the bowl strong and achieve optimal transparency we 3D-printed the candy bowl using taulman 3D t-glase (PETT) filament.


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Candy bowl - 1mm wall thickness (By
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Candy bowl - Solid for vase-mode 3D-printing (By
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