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Summary This file is for share in total OPEN SOURCE our long research & development over the customization of the Delta WASP family 3D printers made in Italy (www.wasproject.it). We project this puller/extruder case to fit one All Metal E3D V6 extruder and one E3D Titan Puller - www.e3donline.com With this case you can construct by yourself one complete direct extruder ALL METAL with the BEST QUALITY on the market. You need 2 30x30 mm fans too: one is for the heatbreak of the j-head and one is for refreshing the printing area. All the stuff works perfetctly with a simple RAMPS 1.4 and a good ARDUINO Mega 2560. Actually we are in progress with a new update of this project. Let's get in touch. Print Settings Notes: We use ASA polymer to have the best thermical resistance - the ApolloX of FormFutura Holland - www.formfutura.com - Please use supports and print it more strong as you can (the good nozzle side should be 0.6 or 0.8 mm) How I Designed This ITALYmaker is specialized in R&D over the Italian 3D printers, according with the Brands we sell. We born assembling the old good PowerWASP EVO hand made and actually we decided to develop a Conversion KIT to transform all DeltaWASP in a FULL Metal DIRECT extruder machine. All the best from ITALY!

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