DJI Phantom 4 Flight Rack w/GOPRO mount

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Updated Version! Made the tolerances tighter for the nut placement, and slightly widened the 3 bolt holes for easier install. Works perfect! Updated 2/12/17

I made this on my Form 2, so the tolerances are very tight. This has been printed and tested on an FDM printer, and the best setting were 25% infill, with as accurate as your printer prints. I placed a lot of areas where you can attach those mini bungies, plastic ties, rubber bands, etc. I created this version with a GoPro mount, for pilots that like to get close and personal with their cameras, but are unable to because of the forward crash cams. (i just fly it backwards when i'm taking tight shots) I took great care in making sure the mount is as close to the original mount as possible. You'll need to add your own bolt & hand screw (which you can see in the photo), and I have made several prints to make sure the tolerances were accurate. Yes, you'll notice that it is offset from the connecting clamps. I did that on purpose so you can print two, and maximize the distance between the racks. I also made a free one that doesn't have the GoPro mount, so test it and print it. Enjoy!

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