Roktor - The Dragonborn Fighter


Story - Roktor Flamesaw takes advantage of his size and weapon fighting mastery to 'persuade' his enemies to lay down their arms and offer up their gold. Most see him as a thug, hired muscle, but his otherwise ill-gotten gains are sent to the family he left behind. Roktor wields a Greatsword and dons platemail armor over a simple tunic. 

Process - I really wanted a mini for a D&D game I was playing in and there were just no good dragonborne models out there. Taking inspiration from various artists on deviantArt, I sculpted the head and most of the body shape in Sculptris, then exported to Blender to add armor, some details and rigging.

Printing - Print standing up, as is, but definitely use supports. A raft isn't strictly necessary, but may help with keeping supports strong in large overhangs like the sword. Cleanup isn't too difficult, but can be tight between the legs and underneath the chin. I printed in ABS and after some sanding and a VERY brief acetone bath (didn't want the sword to droop) I painted with basic acrylics.

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