Protective corner for table [PARAMETRIC]

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Summary This part prevents young kids and old drunks from hurting themselves by bumping into the corners of the table.

In OpenScad you can adjust it to the thickness of your table and choose the size and thickness of the part, this is an example of what the set of parameters can be, the result of this set is the .stl "Protective_corner_table[18,35,4,55,2]"

Table_thickness=18;//Thickness of the table to protect Part_edge_length=35;//Length of the part along the edge of the table Part_thickness=4;//Thicknes of the part Quality=55;//Quality of the model Design_1_or_2=2;//First design "sticks" a little more to the shape of the table wereas second design is more rounded

You can also use thingiverse's customiser here :

Print 4 of them and enjoy smashing your head on the table !

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