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Summary Mini Quadcopter Frame free 3D print model This 3D printable quadcopter frame is suitable for "Hubsan X4 H107" mini quadcopter electronics ,you can buy them from the internet such as it's motors (any 7mm diameter motor will fit well in the motor holder),propellers,battery,receiver,......etc and put them in this frame and enjoy. The 3D printed frame images is the older version of the design,so it was not very good design especially the legs, and the weight was about 13 gram (so we cut the inside frame in the competition),but now with the newer design (the CAD images and STL file) it's all fixed,less weight (about 10 gram now) and more stable leg design. notes: This is a (80x80)mm motors centers dimensions,and (90x90x8)mm overall dimensions,(Dimension image included) so don't scale the print because the motors will not fit the design. The weight is about 10 gram with ABS filament with 100% infill, but you can print it with a range between (40-100)% print infill. Feel free to give your feedback, so i can improve and do more 3D printable designs Thanks

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