Resyringe - Retract, Refill, High-Torque Compact Direct-Drive

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Summary First version is up! Models with mounts for lukie80's quick fit system uploaded! Still working on a mount for RichRap's system. I will post real-world images once I get my machine running to print the parts. Post-Printing Hardware: 2x 608zz skate bearings 7x 8mm M3 screws 7x M3 nuts 1x M5 screw, 10mm-25mm 1x M8 nut 1x M8 threaded rod or long screw Stepper motor Syringe (10mL centre slip) Support removal There are built-in supports in the current models to take care of the overhangs. They should be only 1-2 walls thick; cut them with a hobby knife if they are stubborn. How I Designed This When I was looking into the future possibility of building a paste printer, I found that the other paste extruders here didn't quite fit my needs. I was looking for something that was easy to clean (direct-drive syringe-based), could thicker material, and could also handle retraction. The only options I found were either too weak, unable to retract, or were Bowden-style. So, I came up with some ideas, and just as quickly saw their flaws. That was, until I thought about doing the opposite of a lead screw: turn the nut to move the screw. The first idea from this was to print a new plunger with built in threads, and mate it to a printed gear. Then I realized that I had an M8 rod at my disposal, and that eventually led to this. Shortly afterward, I realized that I needed some way to transfer the motion of a stepper to the nut on the thread. I figured that a worm gear would put it in the best possible position, and I just so happened to remember seeing the hyperbolic gear now used in the design.

Custom Section TODO: Fix non-manifold file(s) Design assemblies for quick change mounts Design top assembly with endstop mount Obtain and test with Luer Lock syringes

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