Hair brush and washer assistant for Astronauts

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To see the videos of the ISS and the way the astronauts live there, especially the way the women astronauts wash their hair, I thought of a more easy and efficient way to do it, since not having gravity can be complicated for them.

For this reason design a brush which is at the same time a shampoo dispenser. So they and even they can brush their hair and at the same time apply shampoo or water in a more controlled and uniform way, for a maximum cleaning. Only by pressing the button on the top can you control the amount of product that you want it to come out. With its ergonomic design can be easily sustained in zero gravity.   This product is designed to be used in space, since the fluids behave in a very different way on earth.

I suggest that it be printed with a filling of 80 to 100%, for maximum mechanical resistance. It is easy to assemble, and only 4 screws M2 Thread x 8mm Long are needed.


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