F1 MadMax V2 (For use with the original nose)

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At the request of some people, the front bumper is redesigned to be used with the original F1 nose. 

The upgrade kit consists of 5 parts:

  • Front Bumper
  • Set Mini-Explorer
  • Fuel Tank Stand
  • Rollbar
  • Wheels

All parts fit entirely in the Open R/C F1 and do not interfere with the electronic kit. They are modeled to be subject to the F1 body by pins supplied.

Kind of Filamento to use:

  • PLA

                          Use on: Set Mini-Explorer, Fuel Tank Stand, Front Bumper

  • SoftPLA

                           Use on: Wheels

  • ABS, Taulman or PC (polycarbonate)

                             It is recommended using this material for its high impact resistance at: Rollbar.


P.D: For the assembly see the second picture.

This update is inspired by the vehicles in the movie Mad Max.

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