Black Hole Solar System Door Stop

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This a black whole solar system door stop. Black holes are not like vacuums like everyone seems to think. They can actually be the center of a solar system or a universe. However time would get weird the closer you were to the black hole. You might need to scale this model to the size you need and printing it in something like TPU or TPE, or using something on the bottom so that it does not slide on smooth floors. It should work fine on carpet. I designed this file to be small enough to print on even some of the smaller printers out there. I modeled this entirely in Fusion 360.  This is an entry for the "Space Design Contest".

Print Settings:


No supports

No raft/brim

0.2mm layer height

Filament: No Name ABS

Slicer Engine: Cura 15.04.6

Printer: Prusa i3 Replica

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