Perforated Hollow Wine Bottle


I've been feeling a little artsy lately. After printing a wine bottle as a red herring gift box for a wrapped Christmas present, I started thinking about deceptive containers for other gifts and then how to minimize material use at the same time. This is the first iteration. Hopefully more will come if I continue to get inspired.

Splitting and optionally adding adding a hinge and/or latch, you could use this as a trick gift box like I did, or as-is for a decorative piece.

The perforated bottle design was made by intersecting abstract extrusions through one side of a hollow bottle, then repeating that group radially about the bottle's original central axis to generate the final model.

The full bottle was too tall even for my Extended Ultimaker 2. My split .stl files are available if you're in the same boat.

Some of the overhangs are a bit on the extreme side. I printed without support, and am ok with some of the drooping. If you want a crisper print, consider switching on supports in your slicer.

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