Raspberry Pi B+/2 + HDD 2.5' case


Summary Raspberry box based on this design: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:604915 (Sleeve Case for Raspberry Pi B+) -> Thanks Walter!! I just added a case for a 2.5 inches hard disk with some spare space for the conversor from SATA to USB. I simply took an external 2.5 HDD and take it away from the case, with its conversor. You can see the leds light through the case, probably with most of the colors (that's a feature of the creator of that design, of course) WARNING: This is a work in progress, meaning: There are no connectors covers. Actually I don't see them very useful, since the initial design of the box doesn't fully cover them. And it doesn't make much sense a cover for the usb connector since each hard disk has a different position and type. Depending in your box you might even have the chance to reuse the cover. It fits VERY tight, but in my case, with my CALIBRATION and some file refine, raspberry and HDD fitted fine (but I didn't have to take the disk from the case yet :-). Perharps a 102-103% scaling when printing with Cura might help (at least that was the advice of another user about the original design of the box) It has 4 small sphere legs, so there can be some air flow. Instructions Position: The hole of the micro sd should be on the heat bed. Platform adhesion type: Brim (I recommend a big adhesion surface, because it is tall and it has a small base) You can see a picture of the adhesion surface I used. Support: I didn't use it. The legs are spheres, so no support should be required.

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