Handler for fishing landing net Carpelan

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Summary Summer is coming and then a good time for fishing. It is designed for this landing net (sacadera de pesca): http://www.decathlon.es/cabeza-de-sacadera-team-id_6286814.html I liked the size and price of this landing net, but there weren't small handlers, so I built this one. I am actually surprised about how strong it seems. We will see what happens with big fishes... but that can take VERY long to test :-) There are several designs: two with hole for a rope and another without hole. If you like it, collect it and like. If I see it is successful, I will modify the scad for Customizer. Instructions August 2015: The handler broke with a 1660 grams trout (tough first test) with a "1.5mm thickness for the perimeters and a 20% fill" and of course it broke. I made some modifications so it can be printed 100% fill and still not to waste a lot of material. That's version landingNetRingEmpty.stl and you can see an interior section in orange among the pictures. Support me to do more designs and improve them: like it and collect it, so it can get featured by Thingiverse and reach more people. I will also try to prepare the design for Customizer if I see that many people like this design.

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