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Summary I didn't make this model, but whoever did took down the original. I am re-posting at a request from someone who liked the Iron-Man space marine in my Sci-fi Cubicle Display. I had to add a neck to make it useful and I printed a tech base for it from here: So no copyright infringement or anything is intended here. 90% of the model is straight out of the box Games Workshop. If requested, I will take this down, but you gotta admit, Stark makes a fine marine. :) Print Settings Printer: XYZ Da Vinci 1.0 Rafts: Yes Supports: Yes Resolution: 0.1 Infill: 50% Notes: I laid out 6 at a time and printed them. I usually had two or three good ones, but I hadn't been printing very long when I did it. Post-Printing Removing the raft and support can be annoying and I had to open the eye slits a little with an exacto. How I Designed This I added a sphere for a neck joint and a base to this. I don't know who made it originally, but it was a cool idea.

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