et tu, plumbum? - Julius Caesar Pencil Holder

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Summary This was inspired by an online image of a Julius Caesar pencil holder someone made, where it looked like they must have drilled two dozen holes in it. I didn't like the bust used for that model, but I did find this one at MyMiniFactory. I used Meshlab to bring the faces down from over 1 million to 50k. I cut off the base and added my own. My original test piece did not have the base and a lower angel for the pencils, so it couldn't hold the weight. The text is "And you, lead (Pencil)? For the fans of Caesar and pencils..... I printed my test piece with the built-in support I made. I made it large because I hate when they fall over and you waste more material on a bad print than on skimpy support. There is a non-support version for those who prefer it that way. The test print pictures are just proof of concept. If my print of this goes well today, I may try a larger version with more holes... or it's onto version 3. Enjoy!

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