Recylced DVD Cases: Miscellaneous Items Shelf


Summary Make use out of those old games console/DVD cases! By using recycled DVD cases and these connection pieces you can easily construct a bedside shelving unit for your books, keys and other miscellaneous items. You can make your own construction arrangements to suit your shelving needs! Construction is easy and self explanatory. Please check out the source file "Recycled CD Cases: Doll's House // Toy Shelves by galile0" to see where and how I got my inspiration. I used a very similar design, but to suit the dimensions of a DVD case. I have added a 10 degree kink and the top lip of the connectors to ensure a firm grip and snap connection, making overall construction steady & solid. Parts were designed and drawn using Solidworks. Print Settings Printer: Colido 3D DIY printer Rafts: Yes Supports: No Resolution: 0.2 Infill: 25%

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