ZeroG Ball- Zip Line Toy - Team Work Tool



Submitting this model to the Space Design Contest as a way for astronauts to be able to work out in space and build great team work. 

An old school toy where you pull the handles apart and you and partner can play a nice game of back and forth. (see video for example Similar toy)

Instructions on how to play the #3dprinted version. Its simple

1.  Get the ball as close to your partner as you can without hitting the handles.

2. Careful when sending the ZipLineBall to your partner in the game.

Doesn't take much time to print. Made handles and ball in one print in less than 4 hours.


Tie a piece of Mono filament line (fishing string) from one handle to another by going through the ZeroG Ball. Repeat the process on the other 2 handles. 


1. I made the string about 10 feet long and it worked perfectly. 

2. Works amazing with Translucent Filament

3. Set different sizes and Infills to the ZeroG Ball to get a different weights. 

4. You can increase the size of all the objects in the slicer for a bigger version.

5. Have fun.

I can imagine how this beautiful toy would look in zero G, maybe even OUTER SPACE!.

Will make different kinds to keep the folks entertained.

Please do not sell the prints, also do not post them up on other sites. 

IF YOU PRINT post and message ME ON TWITTER

Design Files

File Size

ZeroG Ball.stl
6.2 MB
ZeroG Handle.stl
3.03 MB
ZeroG Grouped.stl
12.3 MB


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