Catan Magnetic Bases - 5mm Spherical Neodymium with tile platfor


Summary This is the Settlers of Catan magnetic base updated to fit 5mm 'bucky' balls. I've also redesigned the main platform to include the 'road' and 'settlement' indentations, as well as an indentation where you can place a modified tile piece to fit. Print Settings Printer Brand: SeeMeCNC Printer: Rostock MAX Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.2 Infill: 30% Post-Printing Installing the Magnets Press fit the magnets into the holes at the bottom. I would recommend that you use the handle of something like a screw driver to gently press them in. Once a magnet snaps into place, it should go into a chamber that allows it to freely rotate without escaping. This allows the magnets to orient themselves with those of the other base pieces. Modified Tile Piece To fit a tile piece on top, you will need to make a slight modification to the tile pieces found from the following (and other similar types): Simply clip off the bottom portion of the tile so as not to include the road portions. I've measured this to be about 5.5mm clipped off from the bottom. See the image I have included of a tile piece. From this point, it is your decision whether you want to permanently glue each tile piece onto each base. How I Designed This For this, rather than starting with the original piece, I decided to remodel the piece using onshape, which I have recently discovered. You can find it here:

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