Flashforge Creator Pro Glass Adjustable Bed Bracket with bolt ac


Summary I made a couple changes from the original. First, I changed the design of the nut from being nob-like to a hex shape like an actual nut (basically, I had to remodel these pieces from scratch and it was hard to reproduce the nob texture but easy to make a simple hex :D). Second, and most importantly, I re-threaded both the pin and nut so that they are significantly larger and less prone to stripping through repeated use. A glass platform is perfectly flat, so the original design should work well to hold one in place. However, I was using a flexible platform from PrintInZ (Zebra flex plate). This platform needed to have all four corners clamped down with some degree of pressure to keep the platform perfectly flat throughout an entire print. After stripping and re-printing several replacement pins and nuts, I decided to make this remix. I've also included the original corner pieces for completeness, although they were not changed from the original. Enjoy!

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