Filament Oiler & Low Filament Alarm Accessories

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This is a set of accessories intended for use with the Low Filament Alarm as seen on

(More files to come soon! )

The Low Filament Alarm is a tool for detecting the presence of filament on any 3d printer. When your filament runs low a siren will alert you to the situation and give you time to pause & reload your filament.

 These accessories include various mounts for the device and an in-line oiler attachment.  To use the oiler you have to insert a piece of sponge, foam, or cotton swab to wipe the filament clean from dust particles and prevent them clogging the extruder. By dropping a few drops of machine oil on the sponge, the filament passing through gets lubricated,relieving the extruder motor from strain.   Lubrication is specially useful if the filament needs to travel through long tubes before it enters the extruder and if you are printing in PLA. It also helps to reduce the friction inside the extruder below the drive-wheel, where the filament is compressed on its way down to the hot-end.

You can attach any of these accessories up to a bowden tube using PC4-M10 fittings.  Fitting kit upgrades available on the EngineerDog Store or on Amazon here: Fittings: 4mm bowden tube: Recommended oil:

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