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This is another carry over from my wood projects on my CNC router.  It has been a hit for the grandkids in wood, so I thought it might look good in  the 3D printed version also.  Whenever you make these type of puzzles, the tolerances are always critical so they will fit together easily.  I used the same tolerance as I used in wood which gave a good loose fit for that material.  When I printed it on the 3D printer, it came out even better looking than the wood versions.  The tolerances are a little tight though.  I printed this with eSun PLA + at 200 microns resolution with 25% infill.  Print all pieces laying flat.  I put small chamfers on all edges to help assembly.  The initial assembly was very tight, but after putting together a few times, all the layer ridges on the sides started to wear down and I actually think it works well with a semi-tight fit.  You may have to sand off any zits or blobs on the sides to get it to fit better.  If it is still tight, sand a little more.  When assembled, it is about 5" wide and 6.25" high and 0.75" thick.  This was was printed with brown, flesh, and orange colors.  I have seen them painted all kinds of colors in the wood version, so have fun with colors.  Once the edges were worn a little, I was quite pleased with the result and it will end up in another grandchild's hands soon.  Enjoy!

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