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Summary The top measures approximately 6" X 9" and will just fit flat onto a stock Flashforge Creator Pro (MakerBot) platform. There are three interchangeable front pieces that will fit onto the front of the shelf, each with a unique design. You can print the one that you like. Larger, flat surfaces like this one can warp if you don't take precautions. I put holes in the shelf to mitigate warping but you will need to ensure the design is sticking well before you let it go on too long. There are two small holes in the back to facilitate hanging the shelf with small nails. For the shelf itself, I got the best print when I didn't use a raft and printed the first layer at 40% speed, 180% width and 90% height. Print Settings Printer Brand: MakerBot Printer: MakerBot Replicator 2 Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: fine setting for decorations, medium for shelf Infill: 15-20% Notes: The latest version has a modified lower ledge to allow for easier insertion of the decorative plate.

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