Amoeba LED Lamp-V1


Summary Required parts to print: 1 X Lamp part A. (supports required) 1 X Lamp part B. (supports required) 17 X Lamp part C. (no supports required) 1 X Lamp part D. (no supports required) 1 X Lamp part E. (supports optional) 4 X Lamp pegs. (no supports required) Required things to purchase: Soldering Iron. Some solder. Some red and black stranded electrical wire. 1 X 16mm 12v led push button switch. (can be found on eBay) 4 X A23 12v batteries. (can be found at Walmart) 4 X A23 12v battery holders. (also found on eBay) 18 X 15 LED Car Motors Truck Flexible Strip Light Waterproof 12V using any color of your choice. (some can be found here 1 X small printed circuit board. Wire Stripers. And some super glue. Wiring: 1st, strip and cut four segments of electrical wire 2 inches each and thread each wire across the circuit board. Each of these four wires will be used as the negative and positive connection for the 12v batteries, and the negative and positive for led's. Next, you want to apply solder to each of the four wires on both sides of the circuit boards. This allows for the led's to be wired to both sides of the circuit board. 3rd, cut two segments of black wire and two segments of red wire then solder one end of each wire to one of the four terminals on the circuit board. You should then wire the four battery holders to one of the same positive and one of the same negative terminals on the circuit board. Before wiring the 18 led strips to the other two positive and negative terminals, cut 17 of the 18 led strips as shown. The led strip that is not cut will go into Lamp part E. Wiring between the battery terminals and the led terminals should be kept apart except for the positive battery wire and the positive led wire. These two will be wired together on the positive switch point. The negative led terminal will be wired to the negative and (NO) switch points, and negative battery terminal will be wired to the (COM) switch point. No wires will be connected to the (NC) switch point. Print Settings Printer Brand: RepRap Printer: Wanhao Duplicator I3 V2 Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: .2 Infill: 20-50%

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