Huffman's Intersecting Cone Origami (Curved Fold)

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Summary This is an object designed to be sliced in order to generate G-code that will use your 3D printer's extruder to leave a crease pattern in a piece of paper clamped to your print bed. Step 1) Slice the object with the following settings -Extrusion Width: 0.39mm -Layer Height: 0.2mm -Extrusion Multiplier: 0% -External Walls: 1 -z-lift on travel: 1mm or more Step 2) Unload your extruder so that when the nozzle heats up, it is not leaking plastic on the paper. Step 3) Use binder clips to attach a piece of paper to your bed. Step 4) Run the G-code while adjusting the bed leveling screws until the nozzle just presses into the paper leaving a crease. You may tear the paper during bed adjustment if your raise it too far. Once the bed it set properly, you should be able to make about one piece every 3 - 5 minutes. Step 5) Crease and fold the paper along the lines drawn by the nozzle. Robot ORIGAMI!

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