Wacom Intuos Pro stand "Three piggies"


Summary This is simple stand for hold Wacom Intuos Pro the digitizer. Size avaible for all models (S, M, L) with depth 12,4 mm. If you need any changes - e-mail me about. Best regards! Print Settings Printer: Migce Cuble Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0,3 mm Infill: 18% Notes: I'm printed it ABS the plastic without any raft and support. Fifst layers on pig body simple not good, but it not visible. If you need pefect piggies - use support or post proccessing. Post-Printing Face details painting black permanent marker. How I Designed This I'm use Blender for disign. Simple meshes (Spheres, cilinder, cone) and boolean opertions. Any sculpting for face.

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