Little Sun Solar light replacement body

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Summary Little Sun – Solar powered light Artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen developed Original to bring clean, affordable light to the 1.1 billion people worldwide living without electricity in ‘off-grid’ areas. I have two of these lamps that my children often use at night to read with. Unfortunately, after a slightly too enthusiastic game, one of the lamps cases got damaged. The great design of these lamps means its very easy to take apart and looking at the structure, I decided to utilise my 3D modelling skills and recreate the design suitable for 3D printing. A couple of iterations later and the first fully functional version came off my printer. I reused the electronics, lens and on/off cover. Fitted all to my 3D printable version and now my daughter has a very fetching green Little Sun! Enjoy! Print Settings Printer Brand: Ultimaker Printer: Ultimaker 2 Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: No Resolution: Fine Infill: 20-30% Notes: All parts can print without supports or raft if your 3D printer has good bed adhesion and cooling, but a raft and supports can help if needed. A front piece with built on supports has been included in the stl files. Post-Printing You will need to have the electronics and parts from an Little Sun original. All parts will unclip and clip/fit onto the 3D printed body. The inner base plate will need to be test fitted to check screws and all parts fit correctly, once happy with parts fit glue the inner plate to the top.

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