Geoffs Masonry / Brick / Concrete / Wall Anchor Plug


Summary I got a bit (a lot really) pissed off with the CRAP Bunnings sells here in Oz - masonry anchors that don't grip - they either fall out or rotate when the screw is tightened Here is my version that works really well for me - PLUS - if the size is a tad out - just print one that is right - it only takes a few minutes. They even have the size printed on the bottom - although it's a bit hard to read on the smaller sizes:-) Printed with ABS - although PETG would be more flexibl, useful if the hammer veers a bit sideways Print Settings Printer Brand: Solidoodle Printer: Solidoodle 2 - Expert Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: I used .2mm, bigger should be Ok & faster to print Infill: abs 100%

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