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Summary Yet another Universal Spool holder. This one is printable in PLA on a 100mm bed. I designed it originally to stand on top of my PrintrBot 1405 Simple's Z-rods. Later I changed it to hang from the ceiling, because when it's on top of the rods it limits the Z-axis maximum. Use an M8x140mm bolt as the axle. The Clip and Cone are from The Cones need a 608ZZ bearing each. Make one mount, two legs, two cones, two clips. Make two axle holders, with one the mirror image of the other. Assemble with 4xM3 screws (plus 2 more to clamp to the Z rods if you choose the upright version). The clips are used as spacers to keep the cones pressed against each side of the spool. You may also want to make some Sharkz to use as spacers for narrow spools and spools with large centre holes. Source design is publicly available at Print Settings Printer Brand: Printrbot Printer: Simple Black Rafts: No Supports: No Notes: If printing in PLA, keep the infill down on the clips so that they aren't too brittle.

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