Straight Pole + Curved Hole Illusion

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Summary This is my from-scratch copy of the "Straight Pole + Curved Hole Illusion" as shown on the Make Anything YouTube channel here: I'm not completely happy with this design, it isn't as good as the original. I had some trouble with the gear and I didn't take the time to put detail into the card. But it works! I made the stick square so that it would be easier to print. Print Settings Printer: Dremel Idea Builder Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.2 Infill: 15% Notes: Tolerances offsets might need to be adjusted to get a good fit on other printers. Post-Printing Assembly Print one copy of everything except for the bearing, which needs three copies. Assembly is straight-forward. Insert the bearings into the bore and then slide the crank shaft in, passing through the gear. On my printer the fit is quite snug, so no glue is needed. Place the rotating platform on top and insert the pole and card. Again these were snug for me and didn't require any glue. Put the handle on the end of the crank. Turn the crank and be amazed! How I Designed This This was designed using OnShape. The designe can be found here: It is public, feel free to make improvements.

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