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Summary These clips have a beveled screw hole for easy installation. Mount them wherever you'd like to run your flexible LED strips (the kind with the silicone sheath on top works best) and then snap the light strip into place. The clips are designed to fit the strip perfectly, so snapping in is easy but they won't fall out by accident. View the original CAD in OnShape Print Settings Printer: Flux3D Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: .15mm Infill: Minimal Notes: These clips are so small that there isn't much need for infill. If you use 0.15mm layers and have 4 to 6 wall layers, you'll get a very strong solid part. Arrange them in neat rows when you're printing to get a whole batch at once. These clips hold the lights very securely and are intentionally difficult to remove. If you want them removable by snapping a wing off, print them with the large flat side down. If you want a clip that is practically permanent once the LEDs are in place, print them vertically.

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