3D Modeling Introduction Lego Design


This is an introduction series of lessons (320 minutes) on how to use basic 3D modeling software and a subsequent project in which students are asked to create a 3D model of a design (of their choice) to be 3D printed and analyzed later.  The 3D model must be able to accept a Lego piece in order to teach proper dimensioning & analysis techniques .

Design Files

File Size

1-1 CW 3D Modeling Notes & Vector Work.pdf
533 KB
1-1 HW 3D Modeling Pt II.pdf
324 KB
1-1 LESSONPLAN 3D Modeling & 3D Printing.pdf
335 KB
1-1 PPT 3D Modeling & Lego Project.pdf
1.63 MB
1-2 HW More Vector Practice.pdf
300 KB
1-3 PROJECT Lego Part Design.pdf
260 KB
848 KB


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