Ray Gun Lenses :)

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Ummm... Okay?  He wants to build a Ray Gun?  And he thinks he can!?  Giggle Giggle...  

Sure you have the right to think that!  I'm just calling this project "Ray Gun Lenses" because I feel the design is a step in the right direction for such a thing.  With this implementation I'll be happy just to illustrate the concept and maybe make a bright flashlight into a smaller beam or even the same size beam that is stable across the room.  

How does it work?  Well I can explain all that in detail upon request, just for now I am posting the files for future reference.  Included is the test fixture and the lens.  Download them now if you want a copy because someone is in my passwords and despite my repeated attempts to change them, things keep getting deleted.  It's spooky.  Maybe it's the Illuminati (get it - Illuminate / Illuminati)...  Can have too much fun with this I see... 


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Wine Glass Lens 2016_1125_1106 Fixture.stl
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Wine Glass Lens 2016_1125_1106 Lens 1.stl
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