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This is a life-sized (100 cm long!) replica of Mulan's sword, from the Disney animated film released in 1998. 

The main goal of this model was to minimize the amount of external tools and materials required to build it. The pieces were designed in a way that you don't even need to paint it, as you can print each one of the sections using filament of the corresponding color!

Printing Instructions:

  • Guard.STL (2 times) : 1.5mm layer height, 40% infill, Supports enabled
  • Handle.STL : 2.0mm layer height, 40% infill, No supports needed
  • Ferrule.STL (2 times) : 1.5mm layer height, 40% infill, No supports needed
  • Pommel.STL : 2.0mm layer height, 40% infill, No supports needed
  • BladeTip.STL (2 times) : 2.0mm layer height, 15% infill, No supports needed
  • BladeA.STL (2 times) : 2.0mm layer height, 15% infill, Supports enabled
  • BladeB.STL (6 times*) : 2.0mm layer height, 15% infill, Supports enabled 


1) Glue together the halves that make up the parts labeled BladeA, BladeB and BladeTip.

2) Assemble all the Blade pieces using superglue.

3) Put the rectangular ending of the Blade in one of the Guard halves. Make sure that it fits properly, and glue it. Then, cover it with the other half.

4) Put the Ferrules at the ends of the Handle, and press until they fit tightly.

5) Put the Pommel in the end of the Handle that doesn't have a rectangular hole.

6) Put glue at the rectangular end of the Blade that comes out of the Guard, and use it to join the Blade to the Handle.

Take a look at the attached pictures. There are a couple of diagrams that will help you with the assembly!

*You can change the sword's size by reducing or increasing the number of BladeB pieces. This way, you can adapt this design to the size of the person that will use it. Each one of the pieces adds or removes 180mm from the blade's lenght.

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